FAFSA Finale!

It is with a slightly heavy heart that I post this note. March 1, 2016 marks the end of my final financial aid season as a college adviser. Yes, I know – financial aid will be a continuing priority up until the Class of 2016 graduates, but for the most part March 1 marks a culmination of financial aid propaganda. Tear, tear.

Most students, parents, and college advisers dread financial aid season. After all, filling out a FAFSA can be time consuming, complicated, and esoteric. I, however, LOVE financial aid season! The work may be hard and the days may be long, but it’s all worth it in the end when a student can afford to go to college. That’s why we all became college advisers, right? To be able to provide real opportunities to college for underrepresented students?

Here are a few highlights from Yale High School for this past financial aid season!

College Goal Sunday was on Valentine’s Day this year in our county. To promote this event I created FAFSA Valentine’s and posted them to every senior locker. Brightly colored paper and candy lined the halls of Yale High for the week preceding the event.

We also hosted a FAFSA Fiesta completion event, complete with homemade nachos, to give families a chance to file their FAFSA before the March 1, 2016 priority deadline. Unfortunately we had a snow day the day of my event (typical- I always have bad luck with my events!) and it had to be reschedule for February 29, 2016. Nothing like last minute, eh? It was a success though! We had 4 families come out to receive help filing their FAFSA. Four families may not sound like a lot to you, but for us at small schools we understand the importance of those 4 families J AND all the students who came were also TIP eligible. Bonus! Also, a quick shout out to Meg LaLonde, Capac High School adviser, for coming to lend a helping hand.


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