Finding My Place in the Community

IMG_5005 (1)

Lakeview High School College Advisers

How can it almost be March?! Somedays I feel like I just moved up to the middle of the state to start this new and exciting opportunity. Other times it feels like I have become a fixture in these schools that has a comfortable and appreciated space.

Having a job that has an expiration date brings about its own challenges. I know that my time is limited here, the students know, the teachers, and community all know that you are only here for at a max two years. This does not provide a lot of time for growth and slow acclimation. This role requires you to hit the ground running in the schools as the doors open in August.

Relationship building has become one of my key successes in both of my school communities. Getting to know the students was a goal of mine as soon as I stepped foot into the school. For me this is accomplished by being fully involved. I attend as many sporting events, dances, band concerts, and after school activities that I can. It is also as simple as being there in the lunch room or in the hallway during passing time. I work to be visible in my schools. When the students know you care, they care more too.

Grand Valley

Montabella High School juniors and seniors visiting Grand Valley State University

I have moved to this small town where many people grow up here their whole lives. There is a strong sense of community and that seemed intimidating to me at first. I am also from a small town and I know that we were always reluctant to trust the ‘new guy’. However, coming into a school that already had the role of the College Adviser built over the past 4 years, this has made my transition much smoother.

The relationships built with the seniors are the most rewarding feelings. To have students emailing you on the weekends because they cannot wait until Monday or Tuesday to share their acceptance news. Or having students staying after school for scholarship help or to just chat has brought not only feelings of success but also feelings of friendship. I only hope the very best for these students as they venture away from their hometown.


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