Detroit College Night 2015


Detroit College Night is an event that was coined by one of the MSUCAC Advisers, Nicholas Dansby, in 2012. The purpose of Detroit College Night was to inform and excite high school seniors about the college planning process, and to inspire a college-going atmosphere in the city of Detroit. The event happened for two years in a row and was very successful. Since there was not a Detroit College Night in 2014 the MSUCAC Detroit Advisers thought it was time to bring it back! When the idea first came about all the advisers in Detroit from MSU were so excited! It was our opportunity to have a positive impact on the community we loved and grew up in. We had no clue that it would be so much work. Grant it we didn’t think it would be easy but we didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it was either.

Our first difficult task was finding a venue. We had a set date in mind but didn’t have anywhere to house it. Here is was September, our event was proposed to happen in November and we had no venue. So all of the advisers came to together and threw out suggestions. It was our wonderful logistics team that solidified our location (Focus Hope: Detroit). After, we booked the location for the event we thought it was going to be easy sailing from there on out.  We were wrong!!!!

We kept running into hiccups but at the end of the day our event was successful. We worked countless hours trying to ensure we had a great event and it nothing short of that. Even though, we had a few setbacks we (the MSUCAC Detroit Advisers) never let that deter us. We had a decent turn out (we only opened the event up to a few schools) with an overwhelming number of volunteers and specials guests. It was so beautiful to see how many people came to support and help out with our event. We had so many volunteers that we had to start sending volunteers home, it was just too many!!!!


After the event, we got so much positive feedback from our students! All the work we did was well worth it! I had students coming up to me like, “Ms. Douglas when are we going to have another one of those College Night’s” or “Ms. Douglas I am sad I missed out, y’all going to do that again.” It was so much talk about Detroit College Night that I know without a doubt we have to do it again next year but bigger and better!! I love walking down the hallways of my school and seeing students in their Detroit College Night shirts!

Next year I am convinced that “Detroit College Night” will be 10x better because we know what it takes first hand to do an event of this caliber. Hopefully next year we can open it up to more schools so that we can reach more students/families in Detroit!!



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