Let persistence be your guide or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Job

I know it is cliché but here is honestly my favorite quote of all time: “Never, ever ever ever ever give up.” –Winston Churchill

Now that that’s over; never in my life have I done a job search, read the job description and immediately felt a total and absolute connection.  In fact, if I am being completely honest, I have never felt emotional after reading a job description either. I had read many in the 6 months since my graduation and not a single one tugged at the ole’ heart strings quite like this position’s job description. “The mission of Michigan State University College Advising Corps is to provide guidance to low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students by helping them successfully navigate through the college enrollment process.” MY MIND WAS BLOWN. There are jobs like that?! I’m from a low-income family! I’m a first generation college student! This could be so awesome!

Fast forward to when I get the call informing me I did not get the position. I was crushed. As I was still on the phone, I was already thinking about my next move, where I was going to apply and what website I was going to spend my time searching jobs on. I Still had a few jobs I was employed at so I wasn’t too worried about money it is just that I was ready to move on to the next job, one where I could actually use my degree. Then I was told “although you didn’t get an offer for this position, we will be doing a round of hiring come February. I think you would be a great fit in this position and I encourage you to reapply.” Hold the phone, I have had several job interviews and not a single one had asked me to come back and get a second chance. THIS WAS AMAZING.

The next round of interviewing I interviewed with 6 different schools, each one just as sweaty and nerve wrecking as the next one, I wanted this job more than anything I had ever wanted in my entire life and unfortunately my passion and enthusiasm was coming across as nervousness and maybe like I had an upset stomach because alas, I was not offered a position with the corps. But once more I was told that there would be 3 more schools looking to bring an adviser into their schools. This was it. My last shot to prove to a school that I belonged in this job and that I was going to rock it.

Let us fast forward, yet again, to the current date, now we are officially one whole year past when I first heard about this job and failed to procure the initial position. And I couldn’t be happier about it. I am now serving 2 schools in Northern Michigan, Boyne City High School and East Jordan High School. Two wonderful, weird, amazing and completely different schools.

I could share with you how many tears of joy I have shed for students coming to me with their huge “I just got accepted to my dream school” smiles because THEY HAD JUST GOT ACCEPTED TO THEIR DREAM SCHOOLS, or I could tell you about the things my students have gifted me for absolutely no reason at all, or I could share with you the time a student yelled at her mom on the phone in my office because “No Mom! Ms. Secord is cool and she promised me that she would help me out!” But these are moments that are too hard to convey in written form and I invite you, dear reader, to ask me about them in person and I will gladly tell you all about these moments.

Instead let me leave you with this. I never had anyone give up on me, I was lucky. My parents always kept on me to do my best, my brother has always been a huge source of support, I have a solid group of lifelong friends who have seen me struggle and I am lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend, who has been my biggest fan of them all, even on the days where I was not so sure of myself and of my future. No matter how many times I threatened to give up on my quest for a bachelor’s degree, or to give up on finding the right job, I was not allowed to quit. Coming into this job I knew there would be days where I would get frustrated, days where my students would be frustrated as well, but I have absolutely refused to let myself or my students quit. I will be the person that does not give up on them, even if they have a great support system already, I want to supplement it. If they do not have anyone who believes in them and believes they will make the right choices about their future, I will be that person. Persistence has certainly been key in my life and I am trying my hardest every day to keep that as the driving force and motivation for this position.



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