I H.O.P.E for the Future Helps Future Collegians


Building a college going culture within high school starts in the beginning. A student must know from the moment they enter high school, they are college material. Freshmen year is a year of exploration. A year to get to know the in’s and out’s to being in high school. College is a daunting idea to begin grasping. But there is no better year to begin than when students arrive as freshmen. H.O.P.E for the Future is a local Detroit  non-profit organization focused on helping students realize their passion and providing tools to actualize their dreams.

“You all are in your preseason”, said Kellie Singleton, H.O.P.E for the Future’s founder. Members honed in on high school being a space where students can condition their minds and strengthen their skills for the road ahead, which is entering a post-secondary institution. The focus wasn’t on just entering into a 4 year college and excelling. The members exposed students to different options available like entering into community college or trade school. As well as the entrepreneurial opportunities available for a young Detroiter to take advantage of.  Each of the eighty-four freshmen in attendance left with a bag of school supplies or tools that can be used to sharpen their preseason position.



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