Lucky Number Seven


Seven students. That is the number of last year’s seniors that came to visit me in one day. I do not know how timing works or why they chose that day to come in, but it was perfect. I was just finishing up College Application Week (CAW), which in translations means that I grew 20 gray hairs, did not sleep much, ran around the school crazy, and may have a shed a couple of tears on more than one occasion. Seeing their faces and talking to them about how college and life was going after graduating brought me back to my happy place and reminded me of my purpose within the school. It is about the students.  It is about being there for them, pushing them, and showing them that they have options. When the stress of work gets too much, it is important to remember that our work has lasting positive effects on our students. They reminded me that at a time where I needed it most. With all of that being said, I promise good things came that week as well! How about reaching over 120 seniors for CAW, getting over 90% participation in each class, and having a campus tour to Central Michigan University?! It was well worth the stress.

As a second year adviser, things are much different. I get it now. I understand that things will not always go as planned. I understand that students will continuously give you a hard time. I understand that repeating myself five or six, maybe even ten times, is completely normal! Most importantly, I now understand that if you work hard and have an end goal in mind, EVERYTHING seems to work out in some magical way. When in doubt, I thank my lucky #7 for showing me that my work makes a difference, that the relationships and bonds formed with my students means something, and that one day, my students will be the ones giving back. I cannot be more thankful to be in a position where I am able to learn and grow as much as I have and where at the end of the day, my students are learning me….but I am learning just as much from them.



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