Second year, new school: WELCOME!

Being a second year adviser, I figured out all the things that did not work last year and thought of new ideas and strategies to implement for this year. But, being a second year at a whole new school would change this. Last year, I was a college adviser at a school on Detroit’s west side, a school full of spirited young people.  I connected with many people at that school, and I am grateful to still feel that same connection today. This year, I am a college adviser at a school on Detroit’s east side. This school is significant to me because of my connection with the community. I grew up a block from the school, and it is amazing to return back to where I started.
Making a transition into a new school environment, a school with a notorious media reputation of low performance and violence was seemingly easy. Starting in the lunchroom, creating conversations about college, then making appearances in classes for students to familiarize my face aided in the transition. Although first thought of as the new student, I am now recognized as the ‘college lady.’ I hope to make an impact, in the community from which I am from so that these students can one day leave here, and then return with knowledge to help those behind them.
Working closely with my community, in a neighborhood I identify with, has been nothing short of inspiring. I look forward to meeting each and every one of my students, letting them know how important and competent they are, and how much power each of them has within. I look forward to encouraging my students to enhance their outlook and challenging them to reach higher. I hope to be looked at as not only the ‘college lady,’ but also the lady who inspired a student to be a change agent within their community, as well as the world at-large.
College Adviser at Osborn Evergreen High School Arshele Tyus

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